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03/23/13 Harrison, Andrew (RW) signed 3 game tryout
03/15/13 Edmondson, Reid (C) activated from IR
03/15/13 Harrison, Andrew (RW) waived
03/05/13 Versteeg-Lytwyn, Mark (LW) waived
03/05/13 Coccimiglio, Brandon (LW) signed contract
02/17/13 Versteeg-Lytwyn, Mark (LW) signed contract
02/16/13 Silvia, Jay (LW) loaned to South Carolina (ECHL)
02/14/13 Edmondson, Reid (C) placed on 30 day IR
02/14/13 Gordon, Matt (C) activated from IR
02/13/13 Ridley, Matt (D) activated from suspension
02/13/13 Pawlowski, Mark (D) waived
02/08/13 Versteeg-Lytwyn, Mark (LW) signed 3 game tryout
02/02/13 Versteeg-Lytwyn, Mark (LW) signed 3 game tryout
01/26/13 Favre, JT (G) removed as emergency goaltender
01/26/13 OBrien, BJ (G) signed contract
01/23/13 Hamel, Kevin (D) signed contract
01/23/13 Ramage, Ryan (D) waived
01/23/13 Oke, Nathan (D) signed contract
01/19/13 Crum, BJ (D) loaned to Alaska (ECHL)
01/18/13 Glover, Shane (D) signed contract
01/18/13 Favre, JT (G) added as emergency goaltender
01/15/13 Kuqali, Nicholas (D) loaned to Orlando (ECHL)
01/15/13 Clarke, Dan (G) loaned to Tulsa (CHL)
01/13/13 Harcharik, Joe (C) signed contract
01/12/13 Tuomi, Mike (RW) waived
01/12/13 Kudroch, Kyle (C) signed contract
01/11/13 Pawlowski, Mark (D) signed contract
01/11/13 Tuomi, Mike (RW) signed contract
01/09/13 Tamblyn, Corey (RW) loaned to Trenton (ECHL)
01/09/13 Ruwe, Cole (D) loaned to Fort Worth (CHL)
01/08/13 Harrison, Andrew (RW) signed contract
01/07/13 Benning, Payden (RW) placed on team suspension
01/07/13 Lange, Tommy (LW) loaned to Cincinnati (ECHL)
01/05/13 Kudroch, Kyle (C) waived
01/05/13 Harcharik, Joe (C) signed 3 game tryout
01/05/13 Ruwe, Cole (D) activated from IR
12/30/12 Ramage, Ryan (D) signed contract
12/24/12 Isaacs, James (D) loaned to Idaho (ECHL)
12/22/12 Leppanen, Jarkko (D) signed contract
12/21/12 Edmondson, Reid (C) signed contract
12/21/12 Collins, Anthony (RW) signed contract
12/20/12 Vanderhoek, Richard (LW) waived
12/20/12 Good, Brad (D) placed on season ending IR
12/19/12 Graham, Derek (C) retired
12/15/12 Silvia, Jay (LW) signed contract
12/14/12 Ridley, Matt (D) placed on team suspension
12/14/12 Leppanen, Jarkko (D) signed 3 game tryout
12/07/12 Silvia, Jay (LW) signed 3 game tryout
12/06/12 Good, Brad (D) returned from loan to Orlando (ECHL)
12/03/12 Jacobson, Stu (D) released from 3 game tryout
11/30/12 Lange, Tommy (LW) returned from loan to Tulsa (CHL)
11/29/12 Jacobson, Stu (D) signed 3 game tryout
11/27/12 Lange, Tommy (LW) loaned to Tulsa (CHL)
11/27/12 Crum, BJ (D) signed contract
11/26/12 Troyan, Brent (G) removed as emergency goaltender
11/26/12 Benning, Payden (RW) signed contract
11/26/12 Ruwe, Cole (D) placed on 30 day IR
11/26/12 Gordon, Matt (C) placed on 30 day IR
11/18/12 Good, Brad (D) loaned to Orlando (ECHL)
11/18/12 Benning, Payden (RW) signed 3 game tryout
11/16/12 Troyan, Brent (G) added as emergency goaltender
11/14/12 Skelly, Shawn (RW) traded to Augusta
11/14/12 Kosolofsky, Branden (LW) acquired in trade from Augusta
11/03/12 Ronsberg, Seth (RW) waived
11/03/12 Stuart, Adam (C) signed contract
11/02/12 Ketts, Jeremiah (C) waived
11/02/12 Tamblyn, Corey (RW) signed contract

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