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SPHL 2004/2005
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Stats Roster Schedule Transactions

03/12/05 Sacka, Ron (C) waived
03/12/05 Hevey, Randy (G) waived
03/12/05 Clouston, Bobby (C) waived
03/11/05 Clouston, Bobby (C) signed contract
03/11/05 Sacka, Ron (C) signed contract
03/11/05 Hevey, Randy (G) signed contract
03/09/05 Rollins, Geoff (LW) recalled by Victoria, ECHL
02/28/05 Cruz, Jomar (G) recalled by Richmond, UHL
02/28/05 Kot, Justin (LW) recalled by Richmond, UHL
02/25/05 Utzig, Mike (F) signed contract
02/19/05 Gardipy, Brent (D) waived
02/18/05 Rochefort, Billy (D) assigned by Richmond, UHL
02/12/05 Miller, Jamie (F) traded to Fayetteville
02/09/05 Werfelman, Cam (F) placed on season ending IR
02/09/05 Burgio, Frank (D) placed on season ending IR
02/09/05 Rochefort, Billy (D) recalled by Richmond, UHL
02/09/05 Cross, Brett (F) recalled by Richmond, UHL
02/09/05 Gustafsson, Richard (F) waived
02/05/05 Kirkby, Steve (F) waived
01/29/05 Kirkby, Steve (F) signed contract
01/29/05 Kot, Justin (LW) signed contract
01/28/05 Jobe, Trevor (F) signed contract
01/27/05 Miller, Jamie (F) placed on team suspension
01/27/05 McCarthy, Liam (D) traded to Knoxville
01/27/05 Breaker, Shawn (D) signed contract
01/21/05 Peet, Shawn (D) signed contract
01/20/05 Bone, Jason (LW) traded to Jacksonville
01/20/05 Ferguson, Chris (F) traded to Jacksonville
01/20/05 Rochefort, Billy (D) acquired in trade from Jacksonville
01/20/05 Ilijow, Troy (F) recalled by Pee Dee, ECHL
01/18/05 Gallant, Chester (F) traded to Asheville
01/18/05 Ferguson, Chris (F) acquired in trade from Asheville
01/18/05 McCarthy, Liam (D) acquired in trade from Asheville
01/18/05 Paul, Richard (D) traded to Asheville
01/13/05 Paul, Richard (D) signed contract
01/13/05 Cass, Bill (D) waived
01/11/05 LaPointe, Jeff (D) released
01/10/05 Nichol, Rick (G) signed contract
01/09/05 Cross, Brett (F) assigned by Richmond, UHL
01/09/05 Grobins, Nathan (G) recalled by Richmond, UHL
01/08/05 Cross, Brett (F) recalled by Richmond, UHL
01/08/05 Kot, Justin (LW) signed contract
01/08/05 Gardipy, Brent (D) signed contract
01/08/05 Burgio, Frank (D) placed on season ending IR
01/07/05 Werfelman, Cam (F) recalled by Tulsa, CHL
01/04/05 Nichol, Rick (G) waived
01/04/05 Kovalcik, Chris (D) traded to Asheville
01/04/05 Grobins, Nathan (G) assigned by Fort Wayne, UHL
12/30/04 Aebig, Shaun (F) assigned by Charlotte, ECHL
12/30/04 Bone, Jason (LW) activated from suspension
12/28/04 Burgio, Frank (D) signed contract
12/27/04 Aebig, Shaun (F) recalled by Charlotte, ECHL
12/27/04 Watson, John (D) waived
12/27/04 Cross, Brett (F) activated from suspension
12/27/04 Kinugasa, Nobumasa (F) waived
12/27/04 Cloutier, Chris (D) waived
12/25/04 Werfelman, Cam (F) placed on season ending IR
12/25/04 Walling, Mike (D) signed contract
12/17/04 Bone, Jason (LW) placed on league suspension
12/16/04 Nichol, Rick (G) signed contract
12/15/04 Glinany, Tony (D) placed on team suspension
12/15/04 Grobins, Nathan (G) recalled by Ft. Wayne, UHL
12/13/04 Kovalcik, Chris (D) signed contract
12/13/04 Burgio, Frank (D) waived
12/13/04 Watson, John (D) signed contract
12/11/04 Cross, Brett (F) placed on team suspension for 6 games
12/11/04 Kinugasa, Nobumasa (F) signed contract
12/09/04 Kovalcik, Chris (D) waived
12/09/04 Brummett, Troy (D) waived
12/06/04 Glinany, Tony (D) claimed off waivers
12/03/04 Watson, John (D) waived
12/01/04 Brummett, Troy (D) recalled by Oklahoma City, CHL
11/24/04 Gouthro, Scott (G) waived
11/22/04 Kovalcik, Chris (D) waived
11/19/04 Pace, Joe (D) waived
11/10/04 Brandimore, Chad (F) traded to Asheville
11/06/04 Ross, Brian (D) waived
11/05/04 McCormick, Cam (G) waived

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