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03/23/13 Leitner, Richard (RW) signed contract
03/20/13 Yanovitch, Brian (LW) waived
03/15/13 Leitner, Richard (RW) signed 3 game tryout
03/05/13 Elynuik, Campbell (LW) signed contract
03/05/13 Gardner, Marlon (C) waived
02/25/13 Helmbrecht, Ricky (D) acquired in trade from Augusta
02/25/13 Lee, Paul (RW) traded to Augusta
02/23/13 Elynuik, Campbell (LW) signed 3 game tryout
02/22/13 Hayward, Mike (D) signed contract
02/21/13 Coxe, Henry (D) signed contract
02/21/13 Busek, Tomas (LW) waived
02/21/13 Randazzo, Andrew (D) placed on season ending IR
02/21/13 Hosmer, Todd (RW) placed on 30 day IR
02/16/13 Syrydiuk, Hunter (D) placed on 30 day IR
02/16/13 Dawes, Jeremy (LW) placed on season ending IR
02/16/13 Craig, Tom (C) signed contract
02/14/13 Coxe, Henry (D) signed 3 game tryout
02/12/13 Gardner, Marlon (C) signed contract
02/08/13 Suderman, Matt (D) loaned to Bloomington (CHL)
02/05/13 Carlson, Jeff (D) waived
02/05/13 Gardner, Marlon (C) signed 3 game tryout
02/05/13 Feniak, Adam (D) signed contract
02/01/13 Suderman, Matt (D) signed contract
01/28/13 Feniak, Adam (D) signed 3 game tryout
01/28/13 Randazzo, Andrew (D) placed on 30 day IR
01/25/13 Syrydiuk, Hunter (D) signed contract
01/25/13 Busek, Tomas (LW) signed contract
01/18/13 Carlson, Jeff (D) signed contract
01/17/13 Helowka, Kory (D) signed contract
01/17/13 Campanale, Chris (RW) signed contract
01/17/13 Yanovitch, Brian (LW) signed contract
01/16/13 Walsh, Nick (LW) loaned to Gwinnett (ECHL)
01/16/13 Kurceba, Paul (D) loaned to Arizona (CHL)
01/15/13 Baran, Mike (D) loaned to Alaska (ECHL)
01/14/13 Lee, Paul (RW) loaned to Trenton (ECHL)
01/13/13 Kaunisto, Steven (D) loaned to Elmira (ECHL)
01/12/13 Gaul, Patrick (C) loaned to South Carolina (ECHL)
01/10/13 Dawes, Jeremy (LW) placed on 30 day IR
01/09/13 Bianchi, Dominic (G) removed as emergency goaltender
01/09/13 Fukala, Kevin (RW) placed on season ending IR
01/08/13 Bianchi, Dominic (G) added as emergency goaltender
01/06/13 Newburn, Patrick (G) removed as emergency goaltender
01/05/13 Newburn, Patrick (G) added as emergency goaltender
01/04/13 Lee, Paul (RW) signed contract
12/31/12 Harrington, Matt (C) signed contract
12/27/12 MacDonald, Mike (C) signed contract
12/27/12 Pototschnik, Anthony (RW) waived
12/26/12 Fukala, Kevin (RW) placed on 30 day IR
12/26/12 Harrington, Matt (C) signed 3 game tryout
12/22/12 MacDonald, Mike (C) signed 3 game tryout
12/21/12 Fukala, Kevin (RW) activated from IR
12/21/12 Harrington, Matt (C) signed 3 game tryout
12/19/12 Taylor, Brendan (LW) waived
12/17/12 MacLean, Clark (C) released from 3 game tryout
12/08/12 MacLean, Clark (C) signed 3 game tryout
11/30/12 Taylor, Brendan (LW) signed contract
11/26/12 Barczuk, Daniel (RW) loaned to Bloomington (CHL)
11/23/12 Fukala, Kevin (RW) placed on 30 day IR
11/23/12 Pototschnik, Anthony (RW) activated from IR
11/07/12 Kaunisto, Steven (D) signed contract
11/07/12 Brojek, Kevin (D) traded to Huntsville for cash
10/26/12 Kaunisto, Steven (D) signed 3 game tryout
10/26/12 Pototschnik, Anthony (RW) placed on 30 day IR

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