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Louisiana 11/25/14 ADD MacIntyre, Mike (D) signed contract
Peoria 11/25/14 DEL Wheeler, Nick (D) waived
Peoria 11/25/14 ADD Warda, Ben (LW) returned from loan to Evansville (ECHL)
Peoria 11/25/14 DEL Carrier, Alexandre (RW) loaned to Orlando (ECHL)
Peoria 11/25/14 ADD Oskroba, Ben (D) signed contract
Fayetteville 11/24/14 DEL Skelly, Shawn (RW) waived
Fayetteville 11/24/14 ADD Vaillancourt, Darcy (LW) signed contract
Huntsville 11/24/14 ADD Robertson, Matt (LW) signed 3 game tryout
Knoxville 11/24/14 DEL Hill, Ryan (D) loaned to Missouri (ECHL)
Knoxville 11/24/14 DEL Power, Ben (C) loaned to Greenville (ECHL)
Louisiana 11/24/14 ADD Silber, Tom (LW) activated from IR
Louisiana 11/24/14 DEL Murmes, Andrew (C) waived
Louisiana 11/24/14 DEL Hohmann, Chad (RW) waived
Louisiana 11/24/14 DEL Brown, Greg (D) retired
Louisiana 11/24/14 ADD Murmes, Andrew (C) activated from IR
Columbus 11/22/14 ADD Cook, Max (RW) signed contract
Fayetteville 11/22/14 DEL Phaneuf, Marc-Olivier (LW) released from 3 game tryout
Fayetteville 11/22/14 DEL Beaulac, Victor (D) released from 3 game tryout
Pensacola 11/22/14 ADD Fabian, Jason (RW) signed 3 game tryout
Knoxville 11/21/14 DEL Cousineau, Josh (C) placed on 30 day IR
Knoxville 11/21/14 ADD Janke, Travis (C) activated from IR
Mississippi RiverKings 11/21/14 ADD Bahm, Linden (RW) signed contract
Columbus 11/20/14 ADD Bates, Shawn (C) signed 3 game tryout
Columbus 11/20/14 ADD Thomas, Kyle (RW) signed contract
Knoxville 11/20/14 ADD Hill, Ryan (D) returned from loan to Missouri (ECHL)
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